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MSU Interior Design Senior Show

The Missouri State Senior Show is an event hosted by the SDA every year at the end of the Spring semester and is an opportunity for graduating seniors to showcase projects they have completed during college career. Each student is provided with an 8’ x 10’ space and is allowed the freedom to design the space however they want. The graduating class oversees planning the event, with SDA acting as host. Local designers anonymously judge each student’s display and select 3 different winners based on 3 different categories.

The 3 different categories of judging are Professionalism, Most Technical, and Most Creative.
1)    Professionalism: category is judged based on the student that exhibits professionalism the most by their display of work ethics, presentation skills, display format and design experience.
2)    Most Technical:  category is awarded based on level of design skills displayed through project related content only.
3)    Most Creative: category is judged through the student’s use of creativity in the design of their space and the content displayed.

The winners of each category will receive a $100 visa gift card and a custom-made trophy stating which category they won as well as recognition during the award ceremony at the end of the event.

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